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Just as dojo vary from location to location, instructor to instructor, so do the support needs of dojo operators. Our goal is to help you achieve your desired level of success. 

Whether it’s opening a start-up dojo, adding classes or additional dojo, building student numbers, transitioning from a community hall to a permanent venue, accessing funding, choosing your pricing structure, market assessment, setting up administrative systems or advising on legal structures to run your operation… we can help.

Ready access to this knowledge base is an immediate benefit of becoming an affiliated dojo in our branch. We have the real-world experience, skill and the formal qualifications to assist you on your journey.


With 21 years of dojo operation and teaching 1000’s of students, our branch dojo has produced scores of black belts and numerous junior, colt, adult and masters New Zealand Kata and Kumite champions. We have a proven track record for developing capable students able to successfully compete in national, trans-tasman and international arenas.

In terms of general Karate, we offer a comprehensive syllabus, developed over four decades with input from internationally respected and renowned Kyokushin practitioners from around the world and across multiple organisations. Our technical syllabus covers all aspects of Kyokushin including junbi undo, kihon, ido geiko, sanbon and ippon, goshin jitsu, kata, tamashiwari and of course kumite.


In addition to over 40 years Kyokushin Karate experience, Branch Chief and Country Representative Virgil Troy has a 35-year professional working history that includes a career in broadcasting media, business management consultancy and market and social research. Virgil has the know-how for creating start-up organisations then building and managing them to maturity. 

Decades of practical, hands-on experience is underpinned by three tertiary qualifications which include a Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications (BBc), a Master of Business Administration with Distinction (MBA) and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Quality Systems (PhD). Virgil is a qualified expert in Customer Relationship Management, and the right person to help you excel.

Virgil Troy owns and operates Napier based, New Zealand wide Market Research company SIL Research that provides Market and Social Research services and advice to Local Government, Energy, Education and general business sectors. 

Contact us now to begin a conversation about how we can help you start-up or grow a Shinkyokushin Dojo.

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